Freelife International

I've been told the CEO of FreeLife International is an MLM attorney. There are no inventory or group volume requirements. Your only expense to begin building your business with FreeLife International is the cost of your initial products and the optional $29.00 Sales Kit. FreeLife's nutritional Products are a complete system of anti-oxidants, vitamins, herbs, enzymes, gikgo biloba, grape seed extract , meal supplement (weight loss shakes), body toner (no metabolic stimulants like caffeine and MaHung), green tea, etc.

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The home office is located in Milford CT. and was established in 1995. Ray Faltinsky didn't bother practicing law after graduating from Yale Law School. He'd seen a bigger opportunity: the nutrition boom fueled by white-collar baby boomers. So he started a network marketing company, FreeLife International of Milford, Conn., to sell vitamins and supplements.

Operating since February 1995, FreeLife has 13,000 distributors. FreeLife holds exclusive marketing rights to Dr. Earl Mindell's unique and patented line of soy-based supplements. FreeLife existing products can be classified under two general headings, nutritional and weight loss. All of FreeLife's products are based on Dr. Mindell's 30 years of nutritional expertise, two years of research into the soybean and 9 trips to Japan to find out why the Japanese live longer than Americans.

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