Free Card Matrix

Free Card Matrix, LLC claims to be a global company with $300 billion a year in earnings. As a representative for Free Card Matrix, LLC, you refer prospects to fill out an online application at for a credit card, the application is then submitted to a financial institution who either accepts or denies the application. Free Card Matrix, LLC goes on to state the growth of their downline is explosive because there is no buying or selling required, just referrals. Free Card Matrix, LLC says they have different cards available so anyone is eligible, whether they have good credit or bad credit. The Free Card Matrix, LLC is paid an acquisition fee for the applications. This is paid to members through a ten level compensation plan.

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Free Card Matrix, LLC only asks that you apply for and receive approval for one of the credit cards before you can be a representative. I have a problem with that because, many people are tired of debt created by the use of credit cards. Also people are funny about filling out an application with their personal information somewhere other than an established financial institution. With all the identity theft going on I can't recommend them. However, check back because I'm personally testing Free Card Matrix and I'll post a complete report from my detailed investigation on this page in the upcoming weeks.

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