Frank Kern

Frank Kern has a lot to offer. Niche marketing is not a new idea and it works like clockwork. His course is called, "Underachiever’s Mastery Course" and it costs about $1500. I know that’s kind of steep for the average person to afford, and in my opinion that is kind of high for niche marketing info products.

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Frank Kern was struggling to make a living when he first started marketing online. He was broke and in desperate need of money! His first taste of success was selling “Mining Gold on The Internet”, by Shawn Casey. Frank Kern established his spot selling to the internet marketing niche and was making about a half million dollars a year when the FTC literally came to his house and shut down his internet marketing business. The FTC found Frank Kern’s internet marketing business to be pyramid scheme, so they shut down his half-million dollar a year empire. I don't believe he was a crook or a bad guy I just think his marketing plan for that business mirrored a pyramid scheme.

Anyway, Frank Kern and Ed Dale started setting up “mini-sites” in small profitable niches and stayed away from home business, internet marketing, or get rich quick. As a result, they started making more money with their new-found system. That’s when Frank Kern realized that selling to the marketing niche was only selling to about 1% of the billions of internet users. Until now he has stayed away from the home business crowd. This time, they are not selling information to teach internet marketing, but to teach how to tap into several different niche markets.

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