Formor's Symphony of Success is a comprehensive, 90 Day Mentoring Program designed to educate their distributors. Formor also supports their distributors with interactive conference calls. Formor has been working out of Conway, Arkansas since 1996. With a little over 2,000 distributors Formor has distribution centers in Singapore, Canada, and the Philippines.

ForMor's product line covers Homecare, Nutrition, Cosmetics, Micro-Fibers, etc. ForMor manufactures their products at their 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Arkansas. ForMor is a stable company; this is their 10th year in business. You can get started by ordering $70.00 of product and purchasing a distributor kit. The product order will cost about $70 and the distributor kit will cost around $30 making the total startup around $100.00.

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Formor pays 60% in the first two levels! that is with 3 people on your first downline=$85 ( products are paid for by your first level commission) With 12 people on your downline you will receive $450 and 20 people on the downline you will receive $850. A bonus up to 10% paid in your third level and on to infinity! You do need to personally order at least $50.00 worth of products to qualify for commissions. A distributor for Formor told me they don't use a forced matrix system to force people into your lower levels. There is no limit on how many people you place on your first or second levels. It takes 12 people to earn $450 per month.

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