Forever Living

Forever Living has 4 million resellers in 44 countries with a steady flow of consumers. The products are priced a little more expensively but consumers are wiling to pay more for a unique patented product. The National Aloe Science Council has proved the potency of the product, which is the premier agency for standardization and upgrading the industry. One has to purchase a starter kit with a variety of products to get ivolved with the opportunity. Forever Living manufactures natural-based products from beehive and aloe vera.

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Forever Living is thus a flexible MLM, which has given several people opportunity to live a good life. It has given them financial independence based on the sale of a proven and unique natural product. This is the secret behind the phenomenal success of Forever Living.

The purity of the product is maintained because the company owns plantations in the and Caribbean and is not dependent on any other supplier. Natural methods of production are used without the use of harmful chemicals the gel is extracted and stabilized within hours of harvesting. The end product is therefore pure stabilized Aloe Vera gel. The important and best selling products are Forever Essentials, and Arctic Sea Super Omega 3. The other products cater to health and nutrition; daily care, skincare, weight loss, cosmetics and animal care products. It also owns a chain of wellness resorts under the name Forever Resorts. They have diversified into water and air filtration products. The sales from these activities crossed more than a billion dollars in 2001.

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