EZ Wealth By Design

 EZ Wealth By Design is a complete Internet marketing business. This is a revolutionary system that lets you make single one time purchase of $48.79 or $329.39 for your business package and you can earn up to $38,670 to $386,925 within 28 weeks, through shared sales profits. The purchase get your own back office, web promotion tools and replicated website. You purchase once but you get automatic bi-weekly shared profits (SPC) deposited directly to your account for a full 28 weeks or beyond. You get paid without visiting the site or clicking on anything.

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That sounds good but one guy invested in EZWBD back in April 05 because he saw an opportunity to help members of my team who had a hard time recruiting. he had 32 people in my downline. He invested $397 and only got back $295 after 4 months in the program, according to his backoffice he had made $544, but he was never able to withdraw all of it and convert to liquid cash. Now that's bogus.

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