ETraffic Jams

One person claim's to have paid Etraffic Jams $1,250.00 for 50 reciprocal links to increase website popularity and traffic. The job was supposed to take 30 days, this same person states that 30 days later the job still wasn't done. At that point I personally would have requested a refund but the guy continued to do business with ETraffic Jams anyway. Two weeks go by and still no results.

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So the customer finally says you know what just give me a full refund. Instead of ETraffic Jams just refunding the money, the owner gets on the phone and chews the guy out and refuses to give the money back. This is a great example of poor customer service and obviously a scam. Steer clear of ETraffic Jams unless you have money and time to waste.

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