Envelope Stuffing

Ads promise easy money for simply Envelope Stuffing the reality is that it doesn't go that way. The Federal Trade Commisiontries to warn the anxious, gullible people especially, at home moms. the Federal trade Commision lso is argeting the sellers of work-at-home schemes who were taking money out of consumers' pockets with their deceptive pitches, the Federal Trade Commission has announced a law enforcement sweep cracking down on purveyors of fraudulent envelope-stuffing business opportunities.

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Joining the Commission in announcing its two federal district court complaints in "Operation Pushing the Envelope" were the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, which announced five criminal and 22 civil cases; the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, which announced two state complaints; and 23 states and four other government agencies that participated in a nationwide consumer education and outreach initiative about the potential costs of such work-at-home opportunities. To help people avoid becoming victims, the FTC issued a new consumer alert entitled "Take This Scheme and Stuff It: Avoiding Envelope-Stuffing Rip-Offs." The alert provides tips for consumers who are interested in working at home, but wary of potential scams. According to the alert, if you’re tempted by an envelope-stuffing "opportunity," run.


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