Ed Beckley

Ed Beckley and his followers managed to scam 10,000 IOWA consumers out of $295 each then when they tried to get a refund he filled bankruptcy. Then tried to do the same thing in Colorado Springs but the people weren't as gullable. So it sounds like Ed's scam didn't work to well. I've heard from extremely reliable sources that Ed Beckley recently declared bankruptcy again. Ed Beckley is famous for his package entitled, "Ed Beckley's Home Study Course of No Down Payment Real Estate."WORK SMART, NOT HARD is the motto of Ed Berkly as he tries to convince you to shell out $295 for his absolutely worthless course.

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When purchasing real estate courses make sure that you can get references of people that have been sucessful with the so called experts material. The situation with Ed Beckley can easily have been avoided if the customers took time to do research on him. Real Estate is a very competitive industry and learning by making mistakes through your own experiences is often better than buying a course on it.

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