I'd love to have $4000 delivered to me bi-weekly like Ecosov800 states, especially If I were struggling with my bills but, so you should be very cautious about programs that make such claims. Ecosov800 makes such claims. Ecosov800 cost $750 to start has a very enticing and well done web site, promising to deliver just that, $4000 every two weeks. Now a lot of people are going to get sucked in by the promise of getting paid a lot of money. But the reality is that most people aren't ready to put in the time and marketing that it would take to make money in a program like this. And the owners of Ecosov800 know this. This is not to say that you can't make money with the program but it means that most people can't get past their own greed and realize that this type of oppurtunity isn't for them.

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There were many postings from unhappy customers, one individual in particular claims that Ecosov800 was going to use a lead store, but it took an extremely long time to get it up and running thus preventing him for seeing any kind of a profit, he went on to claim that he has been calling Ecosov800 to request a refund, however, he is never able to reach a person, he is just directed to voicemail, leaving messages that do not get returned. The general opinion of every posting was that ecosov.800 is not a legitimate business.

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