Doublingstocks was created by a stock genious named John who later passed on his expertise to his son Micheal. Owning stocks in a company makes you part owner of that business. If the company is successful the value of the stocks will rise or it will be able to pay a higher annual dividend. The better the company does, the better the investor does. Michael with his fathers teaching has come up with a combination of western technical analysis and ancient Japanese candlestick charting techniques for any penny stock by meticoulously plotting and charting a myriad of market indicators. In 1999 alone, Michael had 38 winners in a row which averaged a profit of 218% per trade.

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In 2000 he had 34 winners and in 2001 he had 47 winners with an average gain of just over 88% per trade. In 2004 Doubling Stocks newsletter and its subscribers had 36 winner out of 43 of Michael picks which put over $196,000 in profit for Michael's clients. Michael's system for trading penny stocks, is structured in three parts first you must review the half-page of recommedations he will send you then place the trade online or with you broker over the phone and then check back regularly to see if you have earned double, triple, or even quadruple your money back.

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