Don Lapre

Don Lapre turned on the hype and sizzle so he could get in your wallets and make a fortune for himself. I've heard from people that they bought his course and have not made anything in six months, I know the feeling, only because I've been there. A thought to remember , if you find yourself looking at an infomercial, be it a Don Lapre, or the remaining dozens, turn the TV off, read a book, even a better idea, click below and you will loose the hype, just the truth. Don Lapre goes back many years as the king of infomercials.

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Among his famous ideas were placing hundreds of classified ads in small newspapers across the country, also reminder services, 900 numbers, government auctions, etc. Now, these may of worked back in the eighties, but I don't see anybody making any money today with these ideas. If you have read any of my other reviews you'll find out I'm not crazy about any kind of infomercials out there today.



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