Review Of Don Lapre

I recently purchased Don Lapre's course and I felt that most of his information wasn't new. His techniques might have worked back in the 90's, but they won't work nowadays. We're in the internet age, and most of Don's techniques aren't specific enough to make them worth while.

Don Lapre used to be "the big man on campus" of info-mercials. He completely dominated the money-making-TV-commercial industry. And I think he's a great hustler. He knows how to push your hot buttons and get you to take your wallet out. He's an expert at getting you to pick up that phone and get you to place an order from him. But he's supposed to be teaching you how to do it and I don't think he's good at teaching anything.

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If you've ever seen these info-mercials of his, then you know how easy he makes everything sound and how motivating he is. He has incredible on-screen appearance and charm. He really knows how to put plenty of hype and sizzle into his offers and I'm sure he's made a fortune for himself. I felt like I got taken because what he sold me was an incredibly long sales letter.

Some of Don's famous concepts include placing hundreds or thousands of little classifed ads in small newspapers across the country, 900 numbers, reminder services, government auctions, etc. but again, these concepts used to work, but I don't see anyone making a dime with them anymore. Most of that advertising is done online now, which is the scret I use to make my money.

I don't recommend you buy any of Don Lapre's products. I have bought more than 374 different courses from different internet gurus, teachers, and experts, and Don Lapres is the least impressive. This is just my expert opinion of course. Alot of my successful students say they never made a dime off of Don's material as well.

There are better ways to make money than trying Don Lapre's strategies. Since I ordered every famous money making course known to man, I feel like I have seen the very best and the very worst. This knowledge that I have comes from reading so many courses and it allows me to feel confident in rating the various systems, books, and courses that I've bought.

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