Directory of Marketers

A directory of marketers can be a powerful research tool if you properly, but be sure to do some research and see if the directory has real info and not just phony information. Some of these permit public messages to be posted, but these too can be biased if they moderate the messages to prevent negative ones or only approve positive messages for certain marketers. Of course moderating message posts can prevent foul language or other types of Spam ads from being entered, but you can test this by going to some directory of marketers who allow message posts and post one good and one bad message about a marketer you're researching and see if both appear. The best directory of marketers is one that has unbiased reviews and real information on the companies or individuals. Many marketing directories promote the material of only the marketers who pay a fee to be included in the directory.

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Others are rejected or downplayed regardless of their skills or background. When searching through the Internet for a directory of marketers you have to be especially careful for conflicts of interest. The best rule when browsing through a directory of marketers is to check for conflicts of interest, see if many of the glowing reviews posted by people are written in the same language, pointing to "site loading" which is one person posting dozens of complimentary posts under different names to promote a person or interest. Some show the IP address of the poster and you can see if it's the same individual spamming messages that way as well.

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