Dina Giolitto

If you need powerful sales copy written so you can effectively market your product or service, you should consider Dina Giolitto as one of the best. She is dedicated to her customers, she provides extensive services to her customers as well as spending quality time with her customers. The testimonials from some of the best retail companies in the world can be seen. Dina is known for completing her job even when it's something she has not taken up before and this is much appreciated by her customers. Dina Giolitto provides a range of templates through her website along with advice to aspiring copywriters. She sounds like a warm, creative person a required part of her profession. In addition to the templates, Dina has also written Article Power, this is a step by step guide for article writers to develop their skills, to market their services and writing tips.

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Dina Giolitto is a freelance copywriter who provides professional copywriting services for both offline and online. Some of Dina's customers are retail giants who have a maximum amount of interaction with direct customers requiring well written, targeted communication. Leading customers of Dina have been Webguru.com, Pet Ark, Toys 'R' Us, and Babies 'R' Us. Dina and her team write a variety of content for e-books, sales targeted content, advertising, and manuals. Her work includes writing poetry for cards, as well as audio and video scripts. One of the biggest demands on the internet is for search engine optimized content, Dina's specialty. She provides detailed templates so designers can develop their own SEO content easily.

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