DHS Club

In our limited research we have found that a few people aren't fans of DHS. Discount Home Shoppers Club is an international buyers club. What does this mean to you? DHS Club has an online shopping mall where you can purchase a variety of items, or for those looking to earn an income from home, DHS Club offers the opportunity of becoming a VIP member earning commissions. There are numerous postings on various forums, Scam.com for example all putting forth the same accusation: DHS Club resorts to spam to recruit new members. Many people feel that the anti-spam policy listed by DHS Club is simply for show, but rarely followed.

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No one likes spam, so using spam tactics are very damaging to the reputation of a company. I personally feel that he market is too saturated, there is too much competition for this type of business, and I know there are, better opportunities to consider. At this time, I don't recommend DHS Club but I'm going to continue testing their program to see if I can make any money with it. If I do end up making any income as I try marketing their program, I'll report any findings on this page.

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