Derek Gehl Review

Is Derek Gehl and THe Internet Marketing Center A Scam?

Derek Gehl is the president of Internet Marketing Center and has made it one of the top online internet marketing companies around. Corey Rudl wrote books about online marketing strategies, and Derek Gehl and Corey Rudl were partners until Corey passed away in 2005. Derek Gehl now runs the Internet Marketing Center.

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They claim that they make over 7 million dollars in sales every year, and I believe it. They have so many affiliates promoting their site, The Internet Marketing Center, that it's unbelievable.

Derek's company does offer a lot of good products such as Desktop Marketer, AssocTRAC, Mail Loop and many other tools for internet business. But a lot of their products can be on the expensive side. A lot of times though, their products are expensive because they're the best.

Overall, I do recommend Derek Gehl and The Internet Marketing Center.


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