Declan Dunn

Declan Dunn has two poplar e-books, The Complete Insider's Guide to Associate & Affiliate Programs and Winning the Affiliate Game. Both are important textbooks for affiliate marketing. All look up to this book for adopting successful marketing techniques through associate programs. He has come on various radio shows, important conferences, and seminars of affiliate marketing. However, you do need to spend over $2,000 for gaining an entry into any of his seminars. But his success does speak for itself so Declan strategies are usually cutting edge.

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Declan Dunn has two different books for both operators of such affiliate businesses. The first book is for the person running the affiliate company and the second is for the person selling products of the affiliate company. This ensures that both corporate giants and newcomers to internet marketing read his books and are familiar with both sides of the coin. His astonishing techniques of promoting products and services of affiliate companies are the norm for doing business through affiliate programs. I'd say Declan Dunn has some useful information in his material.

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