Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi had an infomercial on TV showing people ways of making money from buying and selling cars at auctions. Mr. Graziosi has two infomercials, Motor Millions and Think a Little Different to a Real Estate Fortune. Motor Millions is a good book but a lot of that info can be found for less at bookstores. Of course a lot of information can be found cheaper at the bookstore, so it's really just important if the information is useful. His book on real estate, though inspirational, has no real substance within. It doesn't give a step by step approach to investments in real estate. The real estate market is not something you can really play around with if you're not serious.

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A lot of the information is just the recycling of already available information. Dean Graziosi gets a lot of negative feedback from his customers and clients. He and his sales representatives are supposedly very rude to customers. You should look at other ways of working from home because you could definitely find something more profitable and better than Dean’s program of making money from used cars. Not because it's a bad idea, but mainly because when trying something new, you really need to be able to get quality help from the right people.

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