David Ledoux

David Ledoux is now described as a MLM genius who helps others build their downlines using creative techniques. At the age of 26 David put over 19 thousand people into his own downline. These days, however, it would appear that he is not as active in network marketing and is instead focusing on selling his course. You can find out about a lot of what he teaches at his main website ILOVEMLM.COM.

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David Ledoux, like almost everyone at one point in their life, hoped to get rich in multi-level marketing. This all began when he was younger and dealing with low self-esteem, he listened to a Tony Robbins tape which got him on his way. What I see in David is a guy that became a master at his trade and then sold the info to others. Anytime you're going to buy some information from someone it is very important to know whether they were actually successful or if they're just selling information to become successful. With Mr. Ledoux I would have to say that he is one of the few people that can teach you how to become successful in network marketing.

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