David Garfinkel

David Garfinkel is writer of "Killer Copy Tactics". David's course will help just about any business increase their sales buy improving their sales copy. If you want to write your own sales copy, then Mr. Garfinkel wouldn't be a bad choice to learn from. David Garfinkel wrote a unique course, that is, simply because his course has the ability to teach an ordinary person how to write their own ad copy, instead of using someone else's. However his claims to teach anyone may be a little bit of a stretch because I don't think just anyone can write their own sales letter no matter how much they are taught. Writing good sales copy can be learned but there's certain amount a creativity that you must already have or at least be able to have.

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Although I myself didn't posses great copy writing skills in the beginning, I knew I could learn it because I was creative and has descent writing skills already. I think the biggest key is that you MUST want to learn how to write good copy and have a passion for it. If you don't, not even Mr. Garfinkel's course will help you.

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