Dave Del Dotto

"Questionable infomercials, a section in The Wisconsin State Bureau of Consumer Protection's Guide for Wisconsin TV stations, listed the infomercials of David Del Dotto. The WA attorney general sued Dave Del Dotto and his Affordable Housing, Inc. The suit alleges Del Dotto made numerous misrepresentations about real estate investing, some of which violate a U.S. District Court order. It also accused him of acting as a broker without a license: he collects $500 deposits to be credited toward closing costs for a mortgage, which he will help them get.In the 6/8/98 Newsweek, Jane Bryant Quinn said that Del Dotto had gone bankrupt. I still see him on TV, only now this one-time "real estate expert" is selling products unrelated to real estate.

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Del Dotto was giving seminar students bogus information, like, you can get free-and-clear title to a house by simply paying back taxes of as little as $500, that it's easy for people with bad credit to buy houses for nothing down, that they can pocket the proceeds of government-insured home-improvement loans, that it's easy for people with bad credit to buy houses for nothing down, that you can add $50,000 equity to a home by painting and adding carpet, that his customers typically make a profit in real estate using his system and, that they can get mortgages for 1% to 3% less than less informed consumers. Basically, Del Dotto "charges a lot of money for info which is pretty much garbage, inaccurate, and bogus." Court papers reveal previously unknown facts about Del Dotto: IRS placed a lien on his Hawaii house in 1993. In 1995, Hawaii sued him for nonpayment of $5,000,000 in loans. He filed for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy, and his corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1995. In 1996, he agreed to pay a $200,000 fine to the FTC. Stay away from Dave Deldotto.

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