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Dani Johnson. What more can I say. I'll keep this review of Mrs. Johnson short and sweet. Although I don't participate in a lot of MLMs because of the way the companies are set up, I think the principles that Dani teaches are second to none. At she gives away so much free audio information that you could sit there for days and still learn something new.

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I purchased her script book a few years back to use it for my own online business. I read it from cover to cover. After I applied all of Dani's techniques in her script book, my income went from $432 a day to well over $1200 a day. Dani's script book teaches you how to prospect, how to take inbound calls, and how to close sales of any price point.

The thing that made the biggest impact on my business is approaching people with the right posture, and never try to beg someone to be in my business. This is why everyday people call me and beg to be in my online business or beg me to do consulting. In my opinion Dani Johnson can teach you how to run your business the same way.

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