Dan Lee Dimke

Many people say that the commercials of Dan Lee Dimke are not telling the real story. They make claims that are just a bit over the top, but do not clearly tell you whom his programs have benefited. People also complain that there is nothing great in the cassettes and books offered by Dan Lee Dimke. They have hardly anything new to offer. They give some basic tips for attitude building and taking the right approach but that's about it. Although people say this about Dan's program, these are probably the same people that never take action anyway.

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Dan Lee Dimke swears to help you make more money through his audiocassette programs. He offers guidance on decision-making, subliminal programming and success formulas through audiocassettes. He also has the programs in the form of books, which he says will reprogram your mind and keep you from procrastinating. Different websites advertise his programs. Some of these same websites also talk about the benefits the program has to offer in hopes that you order these programs online.

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