Dale Douglas

Dale Douglas through his company Divine Impact Corporation. The cost for his program initially is only $95. There are several allegations on Rip-Off Report.com saying that Dale Douglas and his programs are a fraud, because while the advertised fee for the program was $95 the amount actually charged was $261.58 and the program per one individual's claim, didn't work. I think you do have to be careful though when reading statements on sites such as Ripp-Off Report because a lot of times it's the competition that is doing the bashing. The Personal Income Cash Machine and Weekly Cash Income Program are 2 more opportunities offered by Dale Douglas.

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The promise of either one of these programs are that you will learn how to be successful on the internet. Some people were of the opinion that the information was fragmented and doesn't really provide any information other than a long, drawn out personal story. Dale Douglas makes the statement on The Personal Cash Income Machine that he is offering this program, he now wants to give back because of all that he has been given. While this is a noble statement, there are allegations that Dale has issues with providing refunds as promised. A lot of the allegations are not supported my hard facts though, so I would suggest doing your own researsch before dealing with Dale Douglas.

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