Coral Connection

According to the rep I talked to, you have a One-time Out of Pocket expense of $240.00 for Coral Connection. This is a 2x2 program and you earn $125 on every sale on your 2nd level. Your money is sent to you three days after the sale. The rep tells me that the company issues checks daily. Not just once a week! Levels 1 & 2 do not have to be filled to get Paid Coral Connection was established in 1999 and is quickly becoming a major player in the world of Health & Wellness. A distributor for Coral Connection sent me an email telling that World renown doctors are giving their endorsement to Corals products. But from what I understand, you first have to sign up with Liberty Management if you want to be a rep for Coral Connection. Then through Liberty Management, you are placed in Coral Connection. Sounds kind of strange to me, but that's how it was explained to me. Part of your monthly fee to Liberty Management goes towards their advertising & marketing campaign.

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They claim that as they advertise worldwide and continually enroll new people, their software automically places many of these people into your Coral downline. They also claim that If any of these people they just gave to you require assistance, they contact Liberty, not you, this is all part of our customer service support system. Liberty Management Group claims they're an independent company that helps people succeed in the network marketing industry.

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