Competition Dominator

Chris Lee has released a new software program called Competition Dominator on November 29th. The main purpose is to give an analysis on your competition. What is does is allows you to find out keywords that your competitors have ads running for on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You can see their average positions clearly over time. It allows you to chart those ads. so if you see a competitor running the same ads for long periods of time then you can assume that they are making money in that area. It also keeps track of the number of times that an ad displays.

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Another thing it does is keep all the ads in the database so you can reference them over time and see how that ad copy is changing for your competition or be able to pick up ideas from all the ads to use in your own campaigns. You can clearly see what competitors are bidding on the same keywords. You can also see across keywords what affiliate links are in common. You can analyze their ads in one interface. You are provided a market analysis chart that will allow you to get a good picture of what player are strong and weak. Overall if you want to get an inside look at what your competition is doing then this is the software for you.

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