All About Cody Moya

 A Review of Internet Marketing Expert Cody Moya

With an initial search for information on Cody Moya, there was very little to be found on him and the results were mixed at best.  I took some time to look over his “website” and found it to simply be a platform for selling his products, which there is nothing wrong with that, in and of itself.  Everyone on the Internet is trying to make money selling their product or services.

He has two main products that he offers for sale. The first is a template to allow webmasters to add Google adsense to their websites.  I believe that any real webmaster that is fully trained would know how to do it without his templates.  The second product he has involves rebranding existing articles.  While it is a good way to increase your revenue source, If it is used incorrectly, you can cause more harm than good.

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I believe his focus is more on making a ‘quick buck’ rather than responsible business practices.  It is unethical to used rebranding to portray yourself as an expert in something you have no knowledge in.  There have been questions raised as to just how much he really knows about Internet Marketing to start with.  He does mention that he is working on a book and since you can rebrand existing ebooks, I am questioning whether the material in the book is his or if he is rebranding some else’s material.

When you go to someone to get advice, you want and need to be able to trust that what you are being told is true and accurate.  The problem I am seeing at this point is that it is obvious that some of his material is rebranded and that draws his expertise into question.  A true professional would have no need to use rebranded work, they would create their own from scratch.  Rebranding can be nothing more than simply changing the title or author's name on an article or book.

Proper rebranding would involve a 60% or greater rewrite of a given article or ebook.  That way you can add your information and personality to the article.  If someone can look at an article and tell it has been rebranded than a 60% rewrite never happened.  People look to self-proclaimed Internet Marketing gurus for guidance in making money on the Internet.  If the person they are dealing with does not know what they are talking about you will get burned and burned badly.

The tips he puts out in his newsletter do make some people money but are they his tips?  Is he just rebranding everything he puts out to make himself appear to be an expert in Internet Marketing?  One thing is for sure that his ‘website’ looks more like an ebook promotion site than an actual website.  In my mind if he cannot put forth a quality website to promote himself, what does he really have to offer?


This ends the review of Cody Moya


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