Is Coastal Vacations A Scam?

Review Of Coastal Scam Vacations

We have have gotten a lot of emails about the prsesent coastal scam vacation, so we decided to do an unbiased review of the company, Coastal Vacations.

Among the many lawsuits and legal issues, we found many complaints from regular people who were simply trying to earn an honest living for themselves.

Below are testimonials written by people who have been taken advantage of in the coastal scam vacation.

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"In last previous job I was a customer service rep for the company that was in charge of the web sites and toll free numbers for the Coastal Vacations. Through my time there I spoke with many, many members. A lot of them went broke  and had to file bankruptcy. It's hard to make money with the coastal scam vacation. Ever wonder why coastal vacations are not listed with the Better Business Bureau?"

"Costal Vacations and the coastal scam vacation have been ripping people off for many years. In 1996 I wrote about them for a magazine called the "MLM Insider". The article was about the Alabama AG hitting them. Since then I am pretty sure the owner moved to Florida and has a bunch of dumb henchmen out front so he can avoid the law."

"When looking at opportunities such as the coastal scam vacation you need to realize that you have you have likely exhausted your market within your first sale or two. Most people never manage to get more than one or two sales. If you only sell two that means that you are out the $1200 including, website hosting."

On the other side of the coin though, if you possess superior sales skill or no how to market an ice cube to an eskimo, you could make a six figure income with coastal vacations

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This ends the review of Coastal Scam Vacations