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Clickbank started out as a way for home-based businesses to process credit card payments online. There have been some complaints, however. For example, there are certain limitations on how you can claim the payments that are due to you. Some people claim that there have to be a certain amount of transactions in order for them to receive their money.

Some people say that they have lost money because clickbank’s website is inefficient and the links do not work properly. This has resulted in customers being unable to process the credit card transaction properly and so they give up in frustration and don’t buy. Even worse, some of these customers express their frustration to the website owner and say that they will not visit the site again. If this is the case, perhaps clickbank should make sure that its links and the way it processes transactions are dealt with properly. This is losing business for people and does nothing to enhance clickbank’s reputation.

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There are also reports on the forums of people purchasing a service through clickbank and then not receiving the service. People claim that clickbank promises to reimburse the credit card but when they check their accounts the refunds have not been made. Clickbank is reputed to have said that their bank has to confirm that the fraud/scam has been committed before they can make the refund. Others report that clickbank makes it difficult to get a refund because they do not have a telephone number to deal with these complaints published on their website. One unhappy customer obtained the telephone number through Paypal and later obtained a refund.

What seems to be happening is that some webscams are using clickbank in an attempt to promote their own dishonesty. Sites that promise you an income typing data at home and then provide you with a list of addresses that are publicly available are using clickbank. While this does not make clickbank itself a scam, it does mean that the system is all too easily used by not so honest dealers.

Finally, while this review would not say that clickbank is trying to scam anyone - it does not make things easy for internet businesses who use their service or for individuals trying to obtain a refund, either. The ability to accept credit card payments is good for your business but you need to ask yourself whether it is worth looking at what other providers have to offer if you want to avoid these problems.


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