Clayton Makepeace

Clayton Makepeace is in a different league when compared to most of us. Not only is he a great copywriter, but he is also a master marketer. As a result he has made many millions of dollars both for his clients and for himself. He has achieved remarkable results because he has been praticing his trade as a copywriter and direct marketer for the past few decades.In addition he is also one of those rare copywriters who is also a true marketer. So he doesn't look just at the words but also at the broader marketing strategy. Even to call "Double Your Profits in 12 months or Less" an E-book written by him might be misleading. Yes, you can buy it, download it and read it in Adobe Acrobat...but don't be fooled. It has sixteen chapters and 215 pages. It is written with enormous energy and gives the impression that he can't get the words and ideas out fast enough.He offers some great advice on how freelance copywriters can improve their relationships with their best clients.

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Clayton Makepeace believes in what he sales. A typical day for him is getting up between 4:00 or 5:00 AM and going straight to his cabin office. At this point in his career all he does is write. There are five steps Clayton feels you need to be a successful entrepreneur they are: A product that delivers a benefit that people already want at a price they're willing to pay, a strategy that puts your sales copy in front of your best prospects, great headlines and lead copy that compel them to read your message, Sales copy that convincingly presents the reasons why the prospect should buy and overcomes any objections the prospects might have, and a quick, easy way for the prospect to order. As a mentor, Clayton has helped six young copywriters to six- and seven-figure incomes...currently mentoring a half-dozen more through Response Ink, his direct response marketing agency...and is committed to helping the next generation of direct response business owners, marketing pros, copywriters and designers accelerate their careers through The Total Package.

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