Chuck McCullough

Chuck McCullough realized sticking to a single affiliate program doesn't yield success. So He diversified into many different affiliate programs to increase traffic to his website and boost his sales. He then compiled all such possible mistakes and solutions for them in an e-book called Affiliate Mistakes: Maximizing Your Profits From Affiliate Programs. Chuck started on the Internet some years back to find a way out of the usual routine of work and back. He wanted to spend some more time with his family and hence preferred to work from home. Therefore, Chuck started with affiliate programs but did not find the returns satisfying. This is the biggest complaint you'll hear from ost people that try to start out with affiliate marketing.

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Chuck McCullough is an Internet marketer from San Antonio, specializing in affiliate marketing. Chuck McCullough owns sites on Internet like:,, etc. It seems that as of late Chuck's sites primarily focus on earning money through adsense, but they're are still full of great content.

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