Charles Givens Opinions

Charles Givens wrote a book called Wealth Without Risk for Canadians in 1991. The second book he wrote was entitled, Financial Self Defense. He went on to write many more books on personal investments. Most of his info commercials went the wrong way because of his wrong ideas and teachings. Many of his customers sued him for various instances of fraud and he had to pay more than $14 million dollars in penalties. In reality, Charles earned his fortunes only through the sale of his books.

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Charles Givens charged around $400 to $900 for learning his secrets of becoming wealthy. His companies were in the eye storm of many legal suits for misrepresentations and fraudulent practices in the nineties. Soon thereafter, he filed for bankruptcy and lost control of his business. A judge planned a strategy of paying 25 cents on each dollar to his creditors. Givens tried to shield himself by transferring most of his assets to limited partnerships. Givens died of prostate cancer at the age of fifty-seven.

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