Ceasel D. Klafter

Ceasel D. Klafter was a big name in infomercials. His misleading style made his infomercials look more like news interviews than the fluff using commercials that they really were. The FTC also made him to stop using this misleading infomercial style. His angle was to make all of his advertising look like a newscast that were not trying to get people to buy anything.  This guy is the reason you now see notices like "The following is a paid advertisement and this channel does not necessarily agree with or endorse any of their products" like millions of other Americans, I have good reason not to trust Ceasel D. Klafter. He produced various products and systems including such items as: "Hair Farming," "Mega Memory System," "An Addiction Breaking System," "Action Reading System," "Eden's Secret," and "The Mega Reading System". On a side note though, I purchased the Mega Memory program myself and I was really shocked by how well it worked for me.

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As a consequence of his scandelous Infomercial producing principals, he was each required to pay thousands of dollars in consumer redress. Consumer redress is like a fine that gives customers that are taken advantage of their money back plus in some cases, damages.

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