Carl Galletti

Surprisingly, Carl Galletti did not start his career as a professional copywriter. He made his initial move as an entrepreneur by setting up one of the earliest computer companies in the US. It brought him great success. When he took up copywriting work, he had already made millions through his earlier businesses. Carl was also the Vice President of a Madison Avenue ad agency. Besides, he rendered his services for one of the world’s largest oil companies.

Carl Galletti’s clients even include several direct marketing experts. Gary Halbert is one of the marketing experts who turned to Carl for writing their copy. Halbert himself is the author of a newsletter on copywriting and marketing - The Gary Halbert Letter. He selected Carl as one of the best copywriters in the country. Carl has also written direct mail sales letters for marketing expert Jay Abraham. Jay, a top marketing consultant in the country, charges $3,000 for an hour of telephonic consultations. His five-day seminar costs a person as high as $20,000.

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Carl Galletti is one of the best marketing experts and freelance copywriters in the world. He is a top name in direct-response advertising besides being an excellent author and professional speaker. His copies are present a blend of experience, maturity and clear thinking.  Carl Galletti has written copies for both product and service companies as well as for individuals. Service companies such as American Red Cross are among his clients. His clientele include - computer companies, executive search firms, publishers, contractors, printers, jewelry manufacturers, training organizations, schools, health technology firms and many more.

Besides writing direct-response advertising copies, Carl Galletti also promotes a coaching program for aspiring copywriters - Copywriter Protégé Program. This program has both computer and video versions.Carl Galetti maintains his own blog that carries latest marketing information and links to several useful websites. He also does little bit of affiliate marketing by promoting several websites on his own site.

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