Mike Filsaime Review

All About Mike Filsaime & ButterFly Marketing

Mike Filsaimehas recently reached GURU status in internet marketing. Mike was born and brought up in  Long Island, New York. Mike studied at New York Institute of Technology and was in the retail automotive business for over fourteen years. Mike has extensive sales and marketing experience as he looked after most of the advertisements for his dealers. Mike has attended and read many courses on advertising and sales.

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Mike Filsaimestarted working online as a part time business. His first purchase was Instant Internet Empires. He learned very quickly about online marketing. Mike has put most of his online marketing experiences into an e-Book. Now he shares most of his ideas with others through his newsletter. I like the way Mike teaches because he teaches things in a way that anyone can understand.
Mike emulates success stories and formula of other successful Internet marketers. This is the main principle of Mike and he achieves success by following in other internet marketers foot steps. 

Mike Filsaimeinsists that there is no need for any special technique for selling on the Internet. Mike has been able to rise above a lot of other internet marketers because his teachings are very thourough and to the point.

Mike Filsaim's Butterfly Marketing course is a little on the expensive side though. It's going for about $1500 right now. While his techniques are valuable, I would suggest you get Mike's cheaper Carbon Copy Marketing ebook first or his new Butterfly Marketing Manuscript before investing in anything more. Both of these courses are full of great strategies that I myself have implemented to increase my profits online by 84%. As you may have already noticed, I recommend Mike Filsaime. And some of his techniques are what has allowed me to make as much a $1000 in one day.

                          This ends the review of Mike Filsaime                           

Since I review Gurus for a living I have found most of them to be a waste of time.

But there are a few that put a lot of money in my pocket.

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