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All About Burnlounge


Burnlounge is the newest opportunity in a long list of opportunities that you'll supposedly make money from by catching on to the mp3 download wave. I initially liked the idea until I read the response below from a blog I went to. You can read the post about Burnlounge below.


1: They Have the worst customer service

I have emailed them several times about issues that I have had with my website and downloading music. It has taken them about 2 weeks in turn around time to respond.

2: The Music

You try to download the music and it will give you all kinds of 7 digit errors. You tell customer service and they tell you that its your fault how hard is it to download music? Plus with the music you do recieve your not able to downloaded due to licencing issues.

I am tired of dealing with the program all together and they now, after complaining for 3 months wont give me my money back nor give me a contact number to speak with personally. In my opinion they are just like any other MLM they do not care about their customer not their retailers they just wont their money! "

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After reading the above post and looking at all the facts, I think Burnlounge has a great concept but they can't really compete with Apple and its IPOD.



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This Ends The Review Of Burnlounge