Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

In the e-book Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Tom Venuto has captured the essential tools needed to help anyone loss weight. Tom has written over 170 articles not to mention he has been featured in several different magazines including but not limited to Natural Bodybuilding, Ironman Magazine, Muscle-Zine, and many more. Tom uses formulas that help you to calculate what type of nutrient amounts you'll need to loss weight for your current fat loss goal, and also your lean body mass goal. He also explores the different result you will get from doing different activities which is your activity level. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle goes into the proper exercise and food to eat to burn fat and build muscle and also touches on the concept of learning to be your best through goals and visualization.

Tom knows that if you know more about how something works and why it works then you can make better informed decisions about your choices in all that you do. This book is very well written and informative it has a lot of educational information in it that helps you to better understand how your body responds to food and exercise. The idea is to start off with setting a goal and then you receive information on proteins, fats, carbohydrate, body typing, the importance of hydration, exercise and the one of the most important things the formula's for exact nutrient amounts and ratios for the reader.

With this book you also get a lot of bonuses like recipes, "How to grade your food choices,"Foods that burn fat", and "Foods that turn to fat". Also he explains how the mind works in helping us achieve or goals. What is great about this program is the flexibility in the workout, because of this you will have less people getting bored with them they are both interesting and different. Also the book is realistic about what you can expect from your efforts to lose weight. It doesn't make outrageous claims it provides realistic and achievable goal, complete with ways to measure your performance and motivate yourself. Ultimately, this e-book is the perfect tool for those who are truly interested in getting healthy and losing weight. The downfall to this program is if you don't put in the effort then your not going to see results. Click here to go to BurntheFatFeedtheMuscle.com