Bruce Posner

Bruce Posner is an interesting guy. Although it's a nice idea to learn about real estate from a boxer, it does not have mass appeal. Many don't like the idea of discussing their real estate problems, and doubts with a boxing fan.  Bruce Posner  in reality is a boxing trainer.  His recent DVD highlights his knowledge of real estate. Posner is famous as the youngest New York real estate broker. Posner stresses that you only need to watch and follow instructions on his DVD carefully to become a real estate expert and earn millions by implementing such knowledge. It pays to know the right people at the right places to make the right deals.When he started marketing real estate information, he was young and hence acquired the title. Now he markets his tips and techniques through Platinum Acquisitions Inc. This company is part of Real Estate Fortunes based in Schererville; IN. He has been with many famous boxers and trained with them.  Filming of the DVD was at 83 Front Street, which is Gleason's Gym, the most active and oldest boxing gym in . The DVD costs $150 and it discloses Bruce’s experiences and connections with the foreclosure industry and real estate investments.

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Bruce Posner advertises his DVD on his website. He assures that he will disclose the real estate techniques, tips and secrets covering his experience of thirty years on his DVD. He is willing to adopt the same strategies as that of boxing into real estate dealings. He then offers you systematic guidelines for implementing the real estate techniques for the best deals. He identifies potential locations, which though cheap now will yield you a lot of money in a few years. He also trains you to identify such locations. 

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