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Bruce A Berman is the creator of The Berman Differential. Bruce put this system together after creating many successful business ventures. Bruce's "I Got Here You Can To Book", is selling like crazy.

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Bruce had a commercial on the radio that was airing telling folks to call in to get a copy of his free CDs, and since I review Gurus all day for a living I went to the website to get the CDs. You only have to pay a few dollars shipping to get them which I thought was fair. When the CDs arrived, they came along with several other CDs and a book.

Bruce Berman's technique of marketing to me was very well put together. Since I am a professional internet marketer and I make most of my money online, I really chuckle when I see a marketing system such as his.

The one main drawback to Bruce's supposedly free CD is that it comes along with his book, "The Berman Differential", as well as about six other CDs. If you don't send his book and the other CDs back he charges your credit card about $80 to $100 for them. Bruce went a little far with this in my opinion, but I guess nothing in this world is free. I called their toll free number to return the CDs, and I got a customer service agent that was very helpful. I told her that I did not need the CDs, and that I already knew all the information that Bruce was trying to teach on the CDs. She proceeded to bump the price down until she got to $25. At this point I felt that it was worth $25 to keep it and at least find out what was on the CDs in Bruce's system. Although I did feel kind of swindled into keeping the CDs, I did learn a little from the CDs. For $25, it was actually worth it.

Bruce also offers an opportunity for you to sell merchant accounts and make some nice checks. I know for a fact that the merchant account industry is lucrative, but it is very competitive. I think overall that everything Bruce teaches can be very beneficial to anyone who wants to make it as a business man. But since I am a little lazy I still would prefer making money online than running an offline business.


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