Brock Felt Review

Brock Felt is one of the newest internet marketing gurus to hit the scene. And since Brock's so new, it's hard to get information on the guy. Some of my clients have purchased a few of his products in the past and have found the information useful but not ground breaking.

Brock's latest project is spreading all over the internet as we type this review. He is finally going to reveal his system that is supposed to bring you millions of qualified visitors to your website. If you haven't seen the video, Brock is introduced by Brad Fallon of Stomper.Net fame.

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Although I didn't pay the hefty price tag for Stomper.Net , I have learned a lot from Brad Fallon over the years so I think he must be really impressed with what Brock is doing. What I can tell you right now though, with my years of experience, I've found that you can make a million dollars with 500 visitors a day coming to your website. You don't need millions of visitors.

In the video I watched Brock said he's learned from his mistakes when it comes to being prepared for the huge amount of traffic that he got, I have learned from my mistakes as well. I've learned that you first need to convert well with 500 visits a day before you try and add more traffic. Because no matter what anyone wants you to believe traffic costs money, so just because you make X amount with 500 visitors doesn't mean you will double that with 1000 visitors. What I finally figured out, thanks to Jay Abraham, is that you can multiply by ten how much you make from each of your customers just by adding other offers that provide what they need. Brock talked about having a backup product in his video, I would call it an additional product.

Brock Felt has obviously become very successful in getting traffic and converting them to sales, so I think we need to keep an eye open to see what he does next. At this point though, I'll keep you using the techniques that have made me very successful.

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