I discover a lot of controversy when looking into Brixdale. There are many reviews from people complaining about Brixdale and their products, claiming that it doesn't live up to its claims, and that there is the possibility of a huge tax issue with the IRS for some homeowners. In my opinion, Brixdale is a company to be avoided, but I'm still testing their materials and advice, so in the event their ideas make me money, I could still change my opinion. Keep posted to this page because I'll be posting my final conclusion on this website soon. For now, be cautious when it comes to Brixdale.

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In my opinion the Inverse Mortgage, which advertises as a way to pay off a mortgage in 6 months or if no mortgage, how to stop paying rent to be able to buy a home, sounds good. Brixdale also offers the chance to operate your own home business marketing their products and recruiting others to join your sales team. Brixdale's Inverse Mortgage, is nothing more than a simple bi-weekly mortgage payment program. For a fee, Brixdale will begin automatically drafting your mortgage payments and will then contact your mortgage company, or your landlord, and start making your payments every two weeks, thus speeding up your payment schedule.

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