Brett McFall

Brett McFall’s writings on advertising can be found in his free advertising course-Inside Secrets of Advertising with a free coaching session with Brett, or through his free monthly online newsletter- The McFall Report. Alternatively, Brett offers various online digital products like The 30-Minute Marketing Miracle with full reprint rights, an e-book The Seven Secrets of Money Making Advertising, or you can glance through The Lazy Way To Advertising Riches to learn and develop marketing techniques quickly.

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Brett McFall believes and propagates bold and extensive self-advertising techniques. However, most Internet marketers shy away from such advertising and believe in restrained advertising techniques. Most of Brett’s tips and tactics are of common knowledge and do not offer any great variety or anything special. Brett lays great stress on being perfect in your advertisements, presentations, etc. Brett McFall has worked his way to success. Brett learned advertising and marketing by reading many times through more than eighty books on advertising, marketing, and personal development topics. Although Brett charges a minimum fee of $15,000, he offers full-money back guarantee on his sales letters and advertisements.   

At times Brett organizes an excellent event-The Ad Camp. This brings together all the best Internet marketers of the world and they discuss their copywriting techniques in front of a live audience. Brett has held such summits in United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA, etc. Besides being a popular speaker at many international events, Brett McFall also writes in main national magazines like Dynamic Small Business, My Business, etc.

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