Brain Garden

Don Tolman founded Brain Garden as a nutrition company back in 97'. Brain Garden markets various nutritional and whole food products in Canada, United States, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. Brain Garden’s main product is Pulse, which is a combination of dried fruits, seeds, grains, and nuts. Other wellness products include essential oil, personal care, and learning products.

Brain Garden owes its success to its whole food. Whole food supplies all essential and primary nutrition through their own combination of seeds, vegetables, and grains. Pulse is a non-synthetic, non-processed, additive-free, 100% whole food and is a famous product of Brain Garden. It supposedly contains all twenty-four essential ingredients of balanced food- nuts, grains, legumes, seeds, fruit, etc. Brain Garden claims these to be the foods your body needs and craves for.

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 Brain Garden has recently started an in-house manufacturing facility. Brain Garden claims that its products contain so much goodness that it can fight away all diseases and you can replace all your medicines with nature’s cures. You can enjoy excellent health and wellness.

However, Brain Garden is making money through their multilevel marketing company. Although Brain Garden markets fresh and natural products, it is simpler and cheaper to get your supply of fresh vegetables and fruits from your local grocery. You need not pay high charges with additional shipping expenses. Brain Garden seems to be scaring people by telling and advertising that everyone is lacking in essential nutrients and can gain good health only by using wellness products of Brain Garden. 

Besides, even if you cancel your orders at Brain Garden, you hardly benefit as although they agree to cancel your shipments, they do not do so and instead, charge you for shipping costs too. Distributorship rights of Brain Garden needs you to purchase at least one of their membership kits. The cheapest kit is Garden Starter Kit available at $14.95. As a distributor, you need to build a downline of more distributors under you and earn commissions through sale of products.

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