Brad Richdale

If you don't want to be bugged by relentless and pushy telemarketers after buying an ebook, I would not recommend Brad Richdale. In fact, I would not wish a Brad Richdale course upon my worst enemy. Now that’s bad. Late night TV infomercial viewers couldn’t have missed Brad Richdale. Former NFL star Fran Tarkinton, Richdale’s infomercial focused on how Richdale and his students made loads of money.  Richdale publicized a book named “Secrets to Money Making Now” that he was aggressively pushing on his infomercials. They were quite popular at the time and many people were glued to their TV’s when it came on. So it was a huge success for him.

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Unfortunately, Mr. Richdale's book isn't one of the best I’ve ever read. One of the main problems is that, even if you think you get a good deal at $39 for a well sized book, you soon find that you have marketers hustling to get you to buy more products, very expensive ones at that. After getting your information, he tries to sell you courses at $2,000 a pop and upwards. There's nothing wrong with that as long as the information

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