Body Wise International

Body Wise now seems to be focused on weight management. Body Wise International has been operating since 1989 in Tustin, California. The company's chairman, Tom Tierney is also the president of another company called VitaTech.  Super G is one of Body Wise's main nutritional supplement  products. The guys at Body Wise mostly sell supplements, health drinks, etc.

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Several of their distributors push Body Wise products as a means of weight loss. When BodyWise was asked about why they don't do double blind trials, they were a bit evasive. According to my sources the folks at BodyWise said that their product is not a drug so that double blind trials were not appropriate and much too expensive. This seems like a cop-out and makes me a little skeptical. If the product is good enough to injest, there should be no problem with a double blind trial. Surely, the great cost of animal experiments to prove safety can be avoided if they just ran test on different subjects and asked them to tell how their health has improved.

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