Bob Serling


Bob Serling delivers a unique way of becoming a successful marketer through the sale of information products. He recommends to start from your known fields of work, hobbies, and interests. Bob serling shows how many topics you thinhk up, can be changed into interesting information products. Then adopt a tested system for creating and selling your information. A simple precaution is to take up a product which is with the times. Only then can you carve a market and develop into a niche market later.

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ob Serling is an expert in direct marketing. He has been in this business for a long time. His experience in direct marketing has helped him coordinate and sell different products successfully. His new product Electronic Marketing Power Summit has a different format, which is similar to a seminar. This product is full of excellent tips and secrets for marketing your products online. It has many real campaigns and interviews with veteran marketers. Besides this, his presentation is also very lucid and interesting to follow.   


Bob's approach to selling is different from the beaten track. It does not advocate giving away free content to generate traffic on your website. Instead, Bob stresses the need to act now. He wants you to buy right away. He has detailed his course of action in a four-hour long tele-seminar recording. He has put forth various case studies to support his opinion and has explained how he uses his own techniques to sell consulting services.


Bob Serling has been into the Internet marketing business for over two years now. He has made a fortune for himself by selling information. He stresses that every individual can market information products profitably. Bob's new course gives you the privilege of getting to know his secrets. You can use his course to market your products and earn good money.


Bob Serling is a software engineer. In his initial days, he compiled a small booklet, which provides insight into a new software system for training various computer programmers. This small systematic booklet paved the way to his other businesses. Later, Bob made many improvisations to this booklet in the form of CD-ROMs, videotapes, audiotapes, books, newsletters, seminars and computer disks. He made his system very simple and easy for anyone to use and gain from it. Info Millions How to Turn What You Already Know about Your Work, Hobby, or Personal Interests into a Million Dollar Information Products Empire is a course on how to use your idea or information to rope in millions of dollars.



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