Bob Scheinfeld

Bob Scheinfeld is one of the few trainers who actually practices what he preaches. Bob Scheinfeld is working with Blue Ocean software, a software company, in which he helped increase their bottom line. His specialty has been a knowledgeable venture capitalist with companies, he also did the same thing with Connecting Point. Bob Scheinfeld comes from the corporate world. He is the grandson of Aaron Scheinfeld, the founder of Manpower Inc, doing sales of over $11 billion every year providing staffing solutions. Bob education started early, siting on his grand father's lap, Aaron Scheinfeld's well known maneuvers were passed down to Bob.

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The reason he is able to boast of students in over 170 countries is because of his track record. Anyone interested in learning from hands-on managers can access Bob's audios, books, keynote speeches, seminars and other learning resources from his website. Bob recommends mid-level managers undertake training courses when they are feeling slightly out of their element performing their roles in the organization.This is not Bob's only claim to fame. He has spent more than twenty years consulting with entrepreneurs on achieving their desired standard of business excellence. He has authored two books, The Invisible Path to Success and The 11th Element, they are primarily based on his personal experience as a hands-on sales and marketing professional.

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