Bob Proctor Review, Scam Or Truth

All about Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor has been around for a long time. Bob has done many infomercials on TV that get you hyped up so you can pull out your credit card and order his courses. Upon ordering Bob's info, I found the information to be very motivational.

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Bob Proctor does a good job of touching both your spiritual level as well as your mental. The main disadvantage with Mr. Proctor's program is that Bob does not really fully explain things in way that would benefit most of his customers. The average Joe will only get ideas from his material not step by step guidelines.

Bob Proctor to me is more of a motivational speaker than a teacher. He motivates you to do things that will help you make more money. The problem that both me and Mr. Proctor both know is that most people are lazy and they won't do anything unless you give them a kick in the butt and a concrete road map to follow. Bob Proctor's system in my opinion fails in the category of really giving people those hidden gems that will force them to be successful.

In my case I did not start making thousands of dollars until I was given the exact information needed to point me in the right direction. There were some secrets that most GURUS would never want anyone else to know that I found out about. This was what turned me from a failure to a success. In my opinion this is where Bob's system is lacking. But his system does offer a lot of value for those that are in the beginning stages of success.


This ends the review of Bob Proctor

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