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All About Bob Brinker

Bob Brinker is a Radio Talkshow Host who comments on the stock market and some general news items of the day if they stand out enough. His main idea is that people should educate themselves enough about stocks so that they don’t need to pay someone else to make decisions about their money for them. His stated goal is for people to able to independently reach what he calls “Critical Mass”, the point at which a person can retire and live off of their investment income.

He typically advises against high-risk investments and is vehemently opposed to mutual funds that carry a load. A “load” is used to describe a mutual fund that not only charges for the shares they sell, but also adds an extra sales charge on top of it. He instead advises people to look for No-Load Funds since there are plenty of them that perform well.

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Solid Host
Here are some reasons why I believe Mr. Brinker is a noteworthy, knowledgeable host and adviser.

First, he knows his stuff. Bob Brinker has had his national radio show for over 20 years. You can’t be on the air every day or every week, giving your opinions about what stocks look good and what stocks don’t – without having a firm understanding of market trends. He not only has the ability to spot solid investments now, he can also understand how certain factors such as inflation or interest rates will have an effect on the market. In Chicago, he’s on every week. That amount of time is a testament to his passion and knowledge.

Second, he’s fair and encourages independence. From listening to his show, it’s obvious that he’s reluctant to talk about specific names of funds or stocks. Maybe that has a little to do with advertisers who might get upset, but I believe it’s also something more. You can catch a man fish and feed him for a day or teach a man to fish and feed him for life. He doesn’t tell you: “Go for this stock” or “Go for that fund.” He tells you the trends, explains why he believes one way or another and urges you to judge your tolerance for risk and make wise decisions. It’s hard to dispute a man’s integrity when all he wants is for you to be knowledgeable so you can make the best decisions for yourself.

Third, Bob Brinker is a great communicator. I once read a review that said: “At least once a day he confuses what someone is saying.” That is not my experience of him at all. I’ve heard him misunderstand things from time to time, but by and large he not only understands what a person is asking, he understands the implications of the question. And let’s be honest, some of these callers have a really tough time getting their question straight. He has to understand what is really important.

One caller was asking how much to invest in a certain fund. Bob’s response was to question the caller about the investment: how much, what fund, over what period of time. He found out that the unheard of fund manager had promised 40% over a 12-month period when the market was only up only 5%. He stopped on that point and urged this elderly lady to correct her decision.

Finally, he’s just a good businessman. With examples like the previous ones and all of his advice in the future, who knows how many hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars he’s responsible for saving or making for other people. He has a paid newsletter called Market Timer that advises how you should be investing based on your income level and tolerance for risk. He reviews and suggests investment books that can teach ordinary people the sometimes-complex jargon of the investment world. He also recently added a part of his show where he interviews authors, speakers, and other professionals from the world of money. It’s interesting every week, there’s always something to learn.

In short – there’s a reason why Bob Brinker has been on the air for 20 years and I expect in 2007 he will only find more ways to improve his show and his investment advice. Wonder if I’m wrong? Go to his website and see when he’s on in your area or download a podcast. See what you think.

Note from author:

I actually listen to Bob Brinker every weekend when he's on here in Chicago. I enjoyed writing this article.

The Bob Brinker Review

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